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Traditional Abstract and Surreal

What is Deviated Path?

Welcome to ALL!
:bulletred:Anyone is invited to watch the group. Members should have traditional work in their gallery.
This group was designed to connect abstract, surreal and minimalism artists with one another. We also welcome those who have an interest in the abstract and surreal arts. If you have a suggestion for the group please feel free to note us. When becoming a member remember to watch the group as well. Importantly, we want ALL members to have an enjoyable and enlightening experience within the group.
Abstract art is defined as departure from accurate representation. It may be slight, partial, or it can be complete. Art that does not imitate or directly represent external reality. Based on the theory that form, line and color can be a visual language and experience in themselves.
Surreal art focuses on the subconscious, the fantastic, the interpretation of dreams, and the juxtaposition of unlikely elements.
:bulletred:We are not an elite group but the quality of the post is a must.
~Please keep the work within the frame of download. No blurry images.
~No lined paper or doodles.
~The work must also be finished.
~If these rules are not followed the work will be declined

:bulletred:Only traditional work is being accepted. No digital or photography will be accepted.
:bulletred:Please put your work in the proper folder within the gallery.
:bulletred:All members should be able to receive constructive criticism and critiques but there will be no tolerance of being rude within the group. If someone begins to slam the works of other members they will be banned from the group.



Thank you to all the artists who keep this group going!! I wanted you to be aware I have started a folder for the collages. I know we have several artists who specifically create in this medium. If you've already put your work in the abstract folder, no problem. I will move it.
~Cher :)
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Thank you for accepting my work in your gallery.
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thanks sf! :heart::heart::heart:
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hi sf:wave: thank you! :kiss:
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thank you so much cher! :)
Meltin Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for the request. 
I appreciate it. :)
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thanks cher! i was just thinking of you yesterday since i saw your birthday was coming up! hope you're doing well! hugs SF! :heart:
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Thank you very much for the request. I appreciate it. :D
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Thanks a lot for accepting my Experimental ! :) (Smile) 
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My pleasure :)
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